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·         Antivirus protection management capability:

Achieved a totally managed antivirus environment that substantially reduced the number and severity of outbreaks, potentially saving millions of dollars in downtime losses. Set up and configured McAfee enterprise-class ePolicy Orchestrator antivirus server and installed new McAfee agent and client. (Business Objects)

·         Centralized patch management system:

Attained full patching for corporate workstations against security vulnerabilities involving Microsoft OS by establishing a cost-effective, centralized system. Implemented central parent SUS server in San Jose and child SUS servers in key offices nationwide. Actions included setting up a pre-deployment testing and notification process. (Business Objects)

·         Operating cost reduction - computers:

Delivered potential for annual savings of $1.0-1.5 million by reducing the number of laptops and desktops in service worldwide and facilitating acceleration of a separate Remedy upgrade project to develop an effective global asset management system. Initiated a corporate computer policy, shifted computer purchase costs to requesting departments, and increased computer life cycles. (Business Objects)

·         Operating cost reduction – printers:

Laid the foundation for estimated annual savings of $300,000-$500,000 in printer and consumables costs by creating a corporate printer policy and awarding a single-vendor global contract that covered lease, maintenance and all consumables except paper. Standardized print environments around multifunction devices worldwide. (Business Objects)

·         Corporate expense reduction:

Reduced credit report cost approximately $35,000 the first year alone and increased productivity by reducing credit report turnaround time and expediting loan approvals. Actions included arranging installation of credit terminals in each loan facility to enable direct access to credit reports. (Bay View Federal Bank)



Kathryn E. Belvel, MPM