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"It Seems To Me..." is where I offer opinions on current issues and events. You may agree with me in full or in part or you may be diametrically opposed; and that's OK. The point is it's an opinion to which we are all entitled.



Regarding US Credit Rating Downgrade -

Well, it happened, is anybody surprised? And is anybody surprised that the American public has reacted as it has? The market fell 634 points – that’s the largest single day fall since the recession began in 2008. And what are our leaders doing? Blaming each other; pointing fingers at everyone else; discounting the credibility of Standards & Poor’s. Everything except what they should be doing – LEADING and acting as responsible adults.

It seems to me that someone at the top, and I won’t mention names because it’s all of them, should stop this childish name calling, figure pointing and basic excuse-making and focus on the problem and a solution. Learn the meaning of compromise – act on behalf of the people not your party.

As Lincoln implied our government is –

"…of the People, by the People and for the People…”

It is not a government of the Party, by the Party and for the Party.  

And that’s the way it should be… at lease in my opinion