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Driving instructions from Las Vegas / Smith Valley via US Highway 395

1.       Proceed North on US-395 through Gardnerville to Minden

2.       At the Carson Valley Inn proceed ~0.25 miles to Lucerne Street

3.       Turn Right onto Lucerne Street

4.       Proceed ~0.20 miles to Ironwood Drive

5.       At the stop sign turn left onto Ironwood Drive

6.       Proceed on Ironwood Drive ~0.10 mile to Monte Vista Avenue

7.       Turn right onto Monte Vista Avenue

8.       Proceed ~0.20 miles to Bell Rosa Drive

9.       Turn right onto Bella Rosa Drive

10.   Proceed ~120 yds. to Milano Way

11.   Turn left onto Milano Way

12.   Proceed ~75 yds. to Peralta Way

13.   Turn right onto Peralta Way

14.   Proceed ~ 40 yds. to La Cita Way (single story straight ahead)